Sylwia   Morawska                            Stylist

Sylwia is a dreamer and a traveler currently based in Warsaw. She decided not to end her voyages after graduating and receiving awards.

She has completed the CKZIU Fashion Designing Course in Sosnowiec and the Kraków Schools of Art and Fashion Design (fashion designing) and won second place in the Stylists Fashion Inside Competition. She has also been distinguished in the See&Say Program by Bartek Bojarczuk in the fashion category. Her formal education is only a small part of her activity: Sylwia learns mainly by watching other people and strolling the streets. She draws inspiration from arts during expositions between the walls of museums. This eclectic mix has been appreciated by various stylists such as Marcelina Stańczyk, Zofia Kula, Maciej Dąbroś, and Magda Jagnicka i Michał Kuś, from the Glamour Newspaper in which she had done an internship. We can see her stylisations in the magazines: L'Officiel, Glamour, C-heads, Design Scene, Hiro, Vanity Teen, Fashion Magazine, Lucy's, Obvious, and Flanelle. While traveling she looks at fashion from a fresh perspective, which in combination with her international experience and hard work helps her to create original stylisations.

Privately she is a fan of French music, cuisine, and cultivating plants.